Pearly Penile Papules Pictures

As we have already mentioned, even though pearly penile papules are not sexually transmitted diseases, are quite normal for most men, but they can be very embarrassing and easily lead to anxiety.

Here I posted some pictures to help you out in distinguish the differences between pearly penile papules and genital warts.

pearly penile papules pictures

This is to give you an idea of what genital warts are and if you have similar bumps on penis you need to consult a doctor before they start spreading even more.

Here are some other pictures of pearly penile papules.



Pearly penile papules varies from size and quantities. Some men have just a few and very small in size and may pass unnoticed to your sexual partners most of the times. In this case, like in the pictures below, you might choose to leave them untreated and easily leave with them.


However in cases where pearly penile papules are many in different rows and big in size you might want to do something about that. Whether you want to opt for CO2 laser or an Hifrecator treatment is up to you. However as these two treatments can be expensive is always best to give a try to the different pearly penile papules home remedies available.

Please remember, whatever you decide, do not try to pinch them as you might cause only damage and the papules wont go away.

pearly penile papules pictures1

Above is another example of very acute pearly penile papules. In this case I would not leave them untreated as they are very noticeable.

While they are not contagious and as doctors say are ‘harmless’, most men don’t like the look of them and just want to get rid of it.

To Remove Your Pearly Penile Papules Click Here.

Hope this helped. Feel free to leave any comments or tips to help others who have the same problem.


  1. srinivasan

    sir i have pearly penile papulus(small pimples inside head of pennis …….. for dat what i have to do

    1. Joe

      I would try to use the method outlined in Josh Marvin Pearly Papules removal or if they are that small that are not noticeable I would not worry too much about them.

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